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Flooring business consumer psychology

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Flooring business consumer psychology
jeudi 21 janvier 2016 08:21:14
Thirty years of development in the flooring industry, large and small brand countless others Xiongbayifang become leader, some law of the jungle, has long been the market ruthlessly eliminated. Market competition is particularly fierce. But for the flooring business, whether it is still a rising star in the industry chiefs,wpc decking india they have their own development path and a direction where, as long as a good grasp of the market and consumers, "lifeline", stable development, failings may not be difficult! Flooring companies need to take the initiative to cater to consumer psychology Most of the more successful furniture manufacturing companies are in the grasp of the psychological changes in consumer sensitive and place, for control channels have an advantage, so that their products sell smoothly, but also to calm profit realm.

The current status of the flooring industry is the case, many of the mature market after years of flooring brands deep plowing, with a certain fixed consumer group; and a number of new enterprises due to floor correctly foresaw changes in consumer psychology, spotted a new market space, developed a new marketable products, pagoda plastic material patio but also to gain a foothold in the market. Changes in consumer psychology is constant, and is well known that the Chinese consumer loyalty is not high. Even as the leading brands, if not to cater to changing consumer spending psychological predictability, consumers will gradually be abandoned, we can only embarrassing business situation.neo tile costco Therefore, at this stage of the flooring business is tough, we must always remain vigilant, can not make mistakes, especially not make major mistakes.

Marketing model to be copied but the technology will not be easy Lenovo and Huawei phone, for example. Lenovo mobile phones started early, at the beginning due to the close contact with the telecommunications companies, telecommunications companies producing low-end machine sales of large, far more than Huawei. Lenovo Mobile in charge of people do not see this kind of low-end machine in fact there is no future, into a fast only map; and Huawei cell phone to see the person in charge of this prospect, he decided to give immediate, taking a tough but possible future R & D of high-end mobile phone bright road,plastic siding panels 4x8 the ultimate success. In furniture, building materials industry also has such examples. Some companies give up the foundry business, concentrate in difficult and retail business with a bright future, also was a huge market returns.