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Joining and Requirements On Albion Online

Envoyé par ffxivfans 
Joining and Requirements On Albion Online
lundi 18 janvier 2016 03:09:31
Adherence to our community standards29 is mandatory for all members of both guilds. In particular,Although we strongly believe that common sense rules all, what must be stated must be stated. Because our goal is a non-toxic gaming culture, we do insist on a zero tolerance policy on sexism, racism, homophobia, and other types of discrimination.

Those who choose to violate this will be reprimanded and, should the behavior continue, face removal from the Albion guilds. Profanity is not an issue unless basically every other word out of your mouth is f^$% or it falls under the above discrimination clause. We get it, we're all adults, but when it's a nonstop barrage of vulgarity it gets old pretty quick.Guild members who are not registered here on Strats: Forum and have not posted an Introduction47 will remain as Recruits until such time as they have registered and introduced themselves.

There were about 10 of us in the group and we ventured into some Yellow zones where we met our Lord Savior Jesus Chris of Albion, who trolled through half of our dungeon crawls and made a pretty mint by tagging one or two of the Cheap Albion Online Gold and not having to share loot with the party. If you guys see Christ on a PvP zone, be sure to KoS...he made like 15k silver by trolling us...

Overall we did two T4 dungeons and while challenging we had a <strong><a href="[] Online Silver</a></strong> ! Tanking was an adventure with such awesome healers like Valkyn and he pulling aggro off me stuck_out_tongue We were able to make about 7-10k silver per person (we donated a lot of it to get the guild territory!) and while he and I died a couple of times each and incurred some gear loss and massive repairs I would call the night a success!